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Patients and Friends of Anthroposophic Medicine


PAFAM is an association for the Patients and Friends of Anthroposophic Medicine which was started in 2003 to enable the support and promotion of this form of Medicine and Healthcare.

It has been formed by the users of the medicines and therapies together with other professionals, including Doctors and Therapists working with Anthroposophic Medicine.

Anthroposophic Medicine treats the whole person in a holistic way.

The main aim of Anthroposophic Medicine is to stimulate the natural healing forces within the human being taking into consideration the physical body, the soul and spirit of the individual.

Anthroposophic Medicine works as an extension to allopathic medical care.

PAFAM'S main aim is to enable the furtherance of Anthroposophic Medicine within the U.K. and to promote the awareness of the individual's right to choose their medical treatment whilst becoming more aware of their personal responsibility towards their own individual healthcare process.

PAFAM is run by a committee elected annually.

PAFAM is a member of EFPAM, the European Federation of Patients Associations for Anthroposophic Medicine, of which France, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Germany being some of the countries represented.